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Catastrophe Health Insurance

Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans are sometimes also referred to as major medical plans. These types of plans are characterized by very high monthly premiums (five hundred dollars and higher) and a limit on the monetary amount of benefits you can receive. For those people that are generally healthy, require a minimum number of doctor's visits and little or no prescription medication these plans generally work well as long as they are not hit by a major health insurance need. Generally, most catastrophic health insurance plans will cover surgery, stays in the hospital, intensive care treatments, X rays, and some lab tests above the deductible amount. You may want to check the specific plan you are considering to verify exactly what is covered and what your out of pocket costs will be, it's better to know what you are getting before you decide on the plan. The costs will be covered assuming the individual has not exceeded the monetary cap of benefits for their catastrophic health insurance.

Once the cap has been exceeded (generally, caps range from one million to three million dollars), nothing will be paid and the health insurance plan will be null and void. Before signing up for a catastrophic health insurance plan you may want to consider some of the following questions: How much are the premiums? How much is the deductible? Do premiums increase over time? What is the monetary lifetime benefit cap? What specific services are covered? What specific services are not included? Can you afford to pay for your visits to the doctor out of pocket? What about prescription medications? A thorough review of each catastrophic plan you are considering is necessary to ensure you get the best plan for your money.

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